Factors that may Influence the Management in Home

May 30, 2013 in Home Economics, Home Management

Different homes have different rules or management styles. This is because of the different factors that may influenced management in home. These factors are the things like the different philosophies of the parents, the different budget of the household, the different resources or facilities that are available and the different amount of time that is allocated by the parents in managing the home.

Different parents have different philosophies; they have different views in life and they differ the way they manage their households. Some of the parents believed that they should give their children the full time to enjoy themselves not even allowing them to do the household chores. Some other parents used to train their children to do different household activities, for the reason that they will become responsible enough when they grow.

Home management may also be affected by the different household budget; different households differ from their budgets, some families enjoy a huge amount of budget while some others have limited amount. Those that have huge amount of household budget have the options to allocate more foods, grocery supplies and other stuff. Those households that have only a little amount of budget doesn’t have the option to allocate more household needs.

Home management may also be affected by the available resources and facilities to be used by the family. The availability of more resources and facilities means that there are more to be used or utilized by every members of the family.

The amount of time that is allocated by the parents in managing the home also affects home management. Some parents allocates different task to their children according to their capability; and these varies from household to household.