The Different Methods the are Used in order to Preserve Fish

October 3, 2012 in Kitchen and Cooking

There are different methods that are used in-order to preserve fish. Fish can be preserved by having the following methods: Chilling and freezing, Salting, Fish Fermentation, Drying and Dehydration, Smoking, Pickling and Spicing and the method of Canning.

The method of Chilling and Freezing can prevent spoilage on fish. This is done by exposing the fish with in the low temperature. mLow temperature could prevent the growth of microorganisms that could cause spoilage.

Chilling is a method wherein the fish is exposed to a temperature of zero degree Celsius. this is done using the use of ice or refrigeration. Mostly fish is chilled before it reaches the shore to maintain its freshness.

Freezing is a method used mostly in households. Fish form the market is stored in the freezer compartments in a temperature of -5 degree Celsius to -17 degree Celsius.

Salting also preserve fish through an absorption process called as “osmosis”. When the fish is salted, the water will going to pass out from the tissue of the fish and the salt will going to penetrate into the tissue until such time that the tissue of the fish will be filled with concentrated salt solution. In salting method, the water content in the tissue of the fish is lowered to the point wherein the bacteria and other microorganisms cannot live or grow.

Fish fermentation is another method in fish preservation. Salt is also applied in this method; here, the tissue of the fish are allowed to “ripen” until it will begin to disintegrate. The process of fermentation breaks down the proteins in fish because of the enzymatic reaction, this is called as “hydrolyzation”.

Drying and Dehydration methods are also used in preserving fish. In Drying method, the water from the tissue of the fish is remove until such time that the moisture of the fish is extracted. When this happen, the growth of the microorganisms that could cause spoilage is prevented. The Drying method could be done through the use of the sun’s heat; this process is called as “solar drying”. The Dehydration method is another form of drying. However, this method uses mechanical driers to produce artificially heated air to dry the fish.

Smoking is another method that is used in fish preservation. This method does not only preserve the fish but it also gives a desirable odor and taste to the fish.

Smoking involves four processes; Cleaning and Leaching of the fish, including the removal of its internal organs; Brining which is the soaking of the fish in a brine solution (usually takes up to 1 to 4 hours or depending upon the size of the fish; Drying or exposing the fish to sunlight and finally the Smoking method which is exposing the fish to smoke for 30 to 40 minutes.

Pickling and Spicing methods is also us to preserve fish. This method uses vinegar and spice. The growth of the microorganisms are prevented through the vinegar’s acetic acid. This will avoid the fish from spoilage, aside from preserving the fish, the vinegar and the spices could also improve the flavor of the fish.

Last is the list is the method of Canning. Through the method of canning fish can also be preserved. This is done as fish is place inside a hermetically sealed containers. Before and after canning, the fish is subjected to heat. This heating process will eventually kill the microorganisms that could cause spoilage.